what it means to me

Inspiring confidence in healthy relationships: Connecting hope and creativity for future generations and embracing the changing seasons in our lives.

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Wherever you are, there's a place to start. With just one baby step at a time we can always keep our "eye on the prize" of that small task,

and before we know it, with the support of others, we've birthed a seed of clarity.  

The Guide to your journey

Public Speaking

Virtual Assistant

Public Speaking


Leave your group feeling more confident about who they are and being who they really want to see  in their communities.

Tips & Tricks

Virtual Assistant

Public Speaking


Offering strategies and coping skills for your and your kids journey

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant


Connecting with parents and caregivers of kids directly anytime, anywhere



Online Program

A piece of the virtual online program Pie

Part of the 3rd module in The Confident Parent Solution we see the opportunity to learn that there are different ways to love your child. Out of these five, everyone has a primary love language which speaks more deeply to you than all the others. 

Discovering each other’s language in your family and sharing it regularly is the best way to keep love active.



My Background

Through varied life challenges, I've accepted life's changes and the creative necessity of adaptation. My experiences have been in varied personal situations, business settings and countries.  Now as a grandmother,  I offer bits of my stories to share inspiration, lessons and hope to better care and relate with each other so we can strengthen our communities for the next generation.